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Lugship International through her agricultural export subsidiary the export of various agricultural exports to different parts of the world, the quality of our offerings makes us a delight all around the world as we concentrate on products where we have core competencies and capacity.

Nigeria is a country naturally blessed and endowed with items that are in serious demand in the export market around the world. We are not only blessed with solid minerals (besides crude oil) we are also blessed with good climate and weather condition to support the growth of commodities that are industrially useful in the developed nations. See below some of the products

Cashew Nut

Cashew (Anacardium Occidentale L.) is a tree crop of considerable economic importance to Nigeria and other tropical countries. Nigeria is the 6th largest producer of cashew in the world after India, Brazil, Vietnam, Guinea Bissau and Tanzania. Like most African producers, most of Nigeria’s production are exported in raw form to India and Vietnam for processing and export with added value and benefits to those economies. Vietnam, for example entered the field of cashew production for export in the early 80’s about the same time Nigerians became aware of the commercial significance of cashew.

Lugship International delivers cashew nuts that are thoroughly dry and reasonably free from extraneous matter such as sticks, stalks and other vegetable matter other than cashew nuts. It is free from stones. We supply raw cashew nut with Nut count 180-200 per kg


ii. Moisture content 8-10% max

iii. Defective nuts 15% max

iv. Float Rate 18% max

v. Admixture 0.25% max

vi. Foreign matter 0.25% max

vii. KoR, or shelling out-turn 48-50 Ibs/bag.

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